One day when the then King Uther happened nearing the concluding part of his destruction against magic, it is assumed that a dragonlord called Balinor was asked by Uther to draw Kilgharrah. Who at that point was the last dragon, in reality, to go to Camelot so that he was ready to make peace with him? But both he and Balinor were deceived. Instead, Uther confined him underneath the castle in a cave where he continued to stand as an example to all mystic beings what would appear to them. He was confined by being chained in a cave underneath Camelot and had little communication with others for 22 cycles. Until his last year of incarceration, there was not much hope that he would ever break free. He saved Merlin repeatedly when he was being pursued by supernatural beings called the Dorocha, where he would face the knight, Lancelot who would help him clean them up like 


He said them he knew that Merlin intended the repair the veil between the two worlds by walking to his own death and begged him not too. He also named Lancelot as the most bravest knight of them all, before bidding his farewell and flying away. Merlin summons Kilgharrah when he suffers from a near-fatal arrow wound atop a watch tower. Kilgharrah takes him to safety, casting a healing spell and grants him rest in a forest clearing. When Merlin awakens up, he notices the dragon’s wing having been wounded. Merlin tries to heal him, but Kilgharrah declines, telling the young sorcerer that there existed some things that even one like him could not be capable of stopping. He reveals to Merlin that he is old and that his departing is only a matter of time. Merlin asks him on this, needing to know whether or not he will meet him again, but the dragon does not answer him. He turns around and flies away, with his visible wound causing him difficulties. (The Kindness of Strangers). Kilgharrah occurs to Merlin’s rescue one last time when he was summoned by him, only to discover Arthur dead and Merlin was acting distraught, still hoping he would be capable of getting to the Lake of Avalon and the king would be saved. The Great Dragonflies them to that lake but tells Merlin there was nothing he could do as Arthur had then died. He reminds Merlin that Arthur is the Once and Future King and declares that he will rise one day again. Before departing for good, he tells Merlin because it was a privilege to know him